Yuhengsa (Yu.Heng.Sa: people who seek happiness for abandoned animals) is a non-profit organization that began in August of 2011 on the streets of Itaewon every Saturday since, where volunteers have called out vociferously for the unified message of “Adopt, don’t shop!” Ardently finding new homes for rescued animals for the past ten years, we have finally become a dignified corporation on our tenth anniversary, recognized and approved by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Despite such grand changes, we remain true to our original founding purpose. Yuhengsa will continue to protect the lives of abandoned animals and never back down on defending the rights, lives, happiness, and future of these animals.


Yuhengsa strives to be responsible for the protection, rehabilitation, and adoption of our rescues. Alongside our own rescue efforts, we assist individual rescuers struggling to find homes for their rescue animals.

There are many ways YOU can help.

DONATE. Yuhengsa’s operations rely entirely on donations and volunteers. There is no paid staff and no outside funding. It is the result of generous donations Yuhengsa was able to help thousands of animals find forever homes with loving families.

VOLUNTEER WITH US AT SHELTERS. Yuhengsa’s plan is to help animal shelters throughout Korea. To provide at the very least better environments for shelter animals, we need your help.

BECOME A FOSTER. Opening up your home to a rescue, even temporarily, is a huge responsibility that requires care and respect. Most rescues need extra loving care as they recover from their illness and/or abandonment issues, so as to learn and reinforce correct behavior. However, such dedication comes with equal reward in contentment, knowing that you are helping to save an animal’s life even in the short run. If you are ready for such a rewarding experience, fostering is the way to go!

ADOPT. Are you ready for an addition to your fur-ever family? Visit our Instagram @yuhengsa to see and learn more about our rescue animals. Read over their profiles and see if any of our animals spur some warmth in you. Your new bestie just might be waiting for you!

For more information, DM us on our Instagram (@yuhengsa) or contact us at yuhengsa2021@gmail.com